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Cherry in Mint Residences

Cherry in Mint Residences

What Is Cherry Picking in Condominiums Means?
UnitUnit TypeUnit ViewUnit ClassificationTotal Unit Area Deferred List Price Per SQM% Increase
28171 – Bedroom Unit w/ BalconyFacing Makati SkylineRegular23.87                6,197,000.00        259,614.58 
29171 – Bedroom Unit w/ BalconyFacing Makati SkylineRegular23.87                6,211,000.00        260,201.090.23%
30171 – Bedroom Unit w/ BalconyFacing Makati SkylineRegular23.87                6,226,000.00        260,829.490.24%
31171 – Bedroom Unit w/ BalconyFacing Makati SkylinePremium23.87                6,974,000.00        292,165.9012.01%

The cherry is located in 30th floor / Unit 17!

As you can see from the table above, the price of unit 2817 per Sqm is 259.6K, and in unit 2917 is 260.2K, with an increase of 0.23%.

Then from unit 2917 to unit 3017, the increase is still very low at 0.24%.

And then, all of a sudden, the unit classification of unit 3117 became Premium which fetches a lot pricier per Sqm of 292.2K, a big increase of 12.01%!

This price increase is because of the high floor at 31st, which is like a cut off from Medium Zone to High Zone, that why the increase was big. So the price of this unit 30th floor, unit 17 is very low in comparison to the unit at 31st floor, unit 17. They almost have the same view as only one floor difference but the price per Sqm was a big difference.

Thus, buying this unit will have an advantage of a high appreciation in the future after the turnover.

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