Condo Living Is About Convenience and Lifestyle

Condo Living is About Convenience and Lifestyle

My daughter had finally come visited me here in the Philippines! While driving going to The Peninsula Hotel, she commented that there were so many high rise buildings in Makati, and it’s even more than the buildings of downtown Los Angeles, California. Yes, that’s true. Makati has a lot more high-rise buildings than Los Angeles. She never expected that Manila has been so urbanized compare to what she has been told or watched in the movies that Filipinos live in squatter and some trashy ghetto place like smoky mountain which was thing of the past.

Then the next day, when we were going home to the province and I asked our driver to pass us through Bonifacio Global City, and she was even more amazed to see more high rise buildings, and not to mention that they are so modern looking. Also,  there are so many nice restaurants and beautiful garden especially in High Street.

Red Residences Chino Roces Makati City
Twin Residences Zapote Rd, Las Piñas City

If you are a Filipino and have not been in the Philippines for a long time, like say more than 20 years or more, then it is a must that you should come and see how far Philippines have become.

Now, let us talk about these high rise buildings, and why there are so many of them. These high rise buildings are mostly condominium residences. Not so many are actually offices. You can visually differentiate between a residential condominiums from offices or hotels. If you see that the building has many balconies, then it is almost always a residential condominiums, whereas, if the building does not have balconies, then most likely it is an office building or a hotel.

When you are in Manila, you will see that most of the tall buildings are residences because Metro Manila is home of more than 12 million people.  Metro Manila has more than 10 percent of the total population of the Philippines.

So we ask, why there are so many condominium residences? First of all, it is to house the many people of Metro Manila. Many working people have come to realize the convenience and the life style that condominiums could provide.

In Makati City, Bonifacio Global City, Mall of Asia which are the prime area in Metro Manila,  you will see many modern condominiums and living in these condo gives the convenience of the many employees, managers, business owner and the like who are very busy in their daily schedule. These condominiums are strategically located in the metropolis like close to transportation hub, office buildings, supermarkets, university, health institutions, worship places and more.

SMDC always put the location first in planning where to strategically build the condominium so it would fit the lifestyle and convenience of everyone who so desire to live in that area. Also, aside from the strategic planning, future developments are already in place to even augment the convenience and lifestyle you would soon enjoy and not to mention that you become richer not realizing that your condominium has appreciated enormously.

Living in a condo is a lifestyle. Condominiums are designed to suit the needs of people to live in that area like the units are small and compact to minimize the cost of owning a condominium. Studios and one bedroom unit are mostly available and 2 bedrooms or more are not that many offered in the Makati area and Mall of Asia Complex because they are designed to be resided by young workers who are single and maybe a couple without kids, or managers or foreign workers. With these designs, Filipinos abroad and expatriates have come to realize that these units are also good for them as a first home in this country or just a vacation retreat. It is easier to own your condo compare to buy a land and build a house when you are not here for the most of the time while your house is being built. Aside from the hassle of building your house, you need to have someone take care of it all year-round. Many Filipinos have come to realized that, yes they have a big house, but to maintain it is super hard. They have to always be in communication with their caretaker that

sometimes, they have always suspected if they are doing the job they are being paid for. Also, the maintenance of having some parts of the house being eaten by corrosion or steel rust, water dripping from the ceiling, especially that in the Philippines, it rains a lot. Also, termites is a big problem. I know that there are a lot of houses that it was just finished being built, and not even a month, termites are already attacking the wood parts of the house. Also, you are not always comfortable if there would be an intrusion in your house. These are the only few hard factors of owning a house in the Philippines if you will not live permanently or even if you live permanently, you will still have to take care and manage your house.

This is where condominiums come easy for Filipinos abroad who like to live and take their vacations and love to be with their relatives and friends for some short or long period of time. You arrive and instantly enjoy what you are supposed to do here. And when you go back, you would be worry free to leave your condo and be in good shape when you plan to take your vacation the next time.

Mint Residences - Chino Roces, Makati City
Condo Living in the Philippines

For me, these conveniences and lifestyle that a condominium could give to my fellow Filipinos abroad and expatriates are the very good reason to own a condominium.

If you want these convenience and lifestyle, I could be of great help to your owning a condo residence by contacting me on my contact us page.

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